Can I choose my own area code? What if I don't see numbers available for my city?

Last Updated: Jun 04, 2013 03:34PM PDT

Take advantage of free texting and calling with your very own textPlus phone number!

All US users are auto-assigned a free textPlus phone number when they sign up. You can change your number one time for free via your app.  Just tap your phone number and follow the instructions.  

If you are a Canadian user,  register an account in order to choose a phone number. Once you select a number for your user account you cannot change it. Though, it's practically irrelevant - our internal research indicates that there are no long-distance surcharges for sending SMS messages between different regions of Canada. So, if numbers aren't available for your specific area or you are afraid to pick a number from a different province - don't worry - it's merely cosmetic.

Check with your carrier for further details.