Windows - How to Change my textPlus phone number

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2014 03:50PM PST

How To - Change my textPlus phone number

Your textPlus phone number is used for texting.  For US/CA users: once you send your first text message to another US/CA user, you are assigned a textPlus phone number.  Non US/CA users are not assigned a textPlus number, instead they are limited to app-to-app communication.  This means that these users can still text with their friends, assuming that their friends have downloaded the app, as well.  

You can change your number one time in your app.  Choose wisely!

1. Go to your “Settings” by tapping your menu button.

2. Select “contact info” and tap on “Your personal textPlus number”

3. Tap on “Choose your own number” and choose an area code and state.  

4. Choose your phone number from the drop down menu and you’re all set!